Three Times More

Jared, Jim, and Johnny are up to more incestuous shenanigans in Three Times More. This epilogue to Three Times As Good includes four short stories, each with a new erotic adventure

  • In Three Times As Tall, Jared, Jim, and Johnny form an acrobatic stack of brotherly love in a recliner.
  • In Three Times Around, Johnny schemes to turn himself into a spit-roasted cock-cleaning machine for his brothers
  • In Three Times More Public, the triplets take their incestuous love public with a PornyFans
  • In Three Times The Love, Jim is feeling a little less-than until Jared and Johnny make him the center of their attention

Jared being in the recliner was a surprise, but the better surprise was his state of dress, which was nil, and the fact that he had his cock in his hand, the entire length of it gleaming with lube. He faced their television on which a pornographic video played—something with three guys in it, because that was all they ever watched.

“Somebody started without us,” Jim said, pretending like he was complaining. He wasn’t complaining. He would never get tired of looking at either of his brothers naked, for one thing, although maybe that was weird to say when he was basically looking at himself. The long, lean planes of Jared’s body were both different and the same as his own, both familiar and arousing. Strangers couldn’t tell them apart since they all wore their brown hair in the same cut, but Jim’s expert eyes could spot the extra pounds Jared carried and the commanding way he carried them. Jared never missed arm day.


Even if Jared had been naked for prosaic reasons—like he’d just come out of the shower—Jim would’ve enjoyed the view, but this particular view was even better. A light trace of sweat lingered on Jared’s upper lip, suggesting he’d been edging himself for a while, and his cock was red hard, so shiny and slick with lube Jim immediately wanted to sink down on it.

“Get over here and get on my cock,” Jared ordered, apparently on the same page. They were like that, the three of them, and always had been—seamlessly thinking and wanting the same things. That was why Jim had helped Johnny push through the barriers Jared had tried to keep between them. They’d known how hot Jared was for them even when he’d refused to admit it.

“Coming,” Jim answered. They both laughed at the double meaning.

“Knowing you, you will be in a hot minute.”

Jim stuck out his tongue. His staying power was fine. It was Johnny who was always popping off. Though, given the way he and Jared tended to tag-team Johnny, maybe that wasn’t a surprise. Johnny was just so responsive, such a hungry cock slut. They couldn’t help feeding his hunger, trying to see how much he could take and then giving him all that and more. This would be nice—just him and Jared for a while—but they couldn’t leave Johnny out altogether.

“No one’s coming until Johnny gets home,” Jim decreed as he started peeling off his clothes.