Watch Me Watch You

“So he’s just going to watch?” The man, call him Marcus (Kevin was vague on his name because it hardly mattered) stood with his arms crossed and a guarded expression on his face. He had a nice physique, big and burly and toned, his skin a glowing amber brown and his eyes dark with suspicion. “That’s it?”

“That’s it,” Petey confirmed.

“You’re not going to tie him up or nothing?”

“No need to. He knows his place, don’t you, sweetie?” Petey blew a kiss in his direction.

Kevin tightened his hands on the arms of the chair he was sitting in. His dick strained uncomfortably in his dress pants, but he didn’t shift it or release it. He watched and suffered. That was their deal.

Petey swayed his hips, enticing Marcus’s gaze. Petey was already mostly undressed, boy shorts containing the swell of his half-hard cock and a satin shorty robe framing the pale skin of his boyish chest. He’d answered the door that way—tempting, alluring—admitting their guest into the intimacy of their bedroom where Kevin waited.

“You’re a hot piece of goods,” Marcus told him, bringing his hands to rest on the points of Petey’s gyrating hips. “Your boyfriend’s a lucky man.”

You’re a lucky man,” Petey corrected. “He gets nothing.”

What Kevin got right now was a view of Petey’s ass, the cheeks cupped by a taut stretch of white lace peeking out beneath the red satin of his robe. Beyond Petey was Marcus and his covetous eyes, eating up the beauty that was Kevin’s boyfriend, anticipating what he was about to do to it.

Marcus flicked at Petey’s robe. It dipped to reveal his shoulder blade and the constellation of freckles sprinkled across it. How Kevin would love to trace them with his tongue, find every spot and lovingly lave it.

“So, what’s his deal?” Humiliation twisted in Kevin’s stomach like a hot coil. He wished Marcus would forget about him. “How come you need me to fuck you? His dick don’t get hard, or what?”

“It doesn’t get hard enough,” Petey said. “If you know what I mean.”

Kevin’s body told him it wasn’t true. His dick was hard, impossibly hard, hard enough to pound nails. It wanted out of his pants. It wanted to bend Petey over, to give him what Petey was implying he couldn’t, to fuck and fuck and fuck and come in a great, heady explosion of macho triumph.

But his mind whispered, True, true. Your dick is too small, too weak, not enough to satisfy. Look how you’ve forced Petey to seek out strangers to fuck him while you watch. Kevin’s insufficiently satisfying cock throbbed at the thought of Petey getting what he needed from this stranger. Who had come into his home, right into his bedroom, to fuck his boyfriend on his own bed.

“I’m hungry for a nice thick sausage like yours,” Petey said, drawing a light fingertip down the center of Marcus’s chest. “Not his puny baby binkie.” He tilted his head back to look up at the man who towered over him. Marcus was so tall, so very well built, and his build extended everywhere, if his profile pictures could be believed. “May I?”

Marcus nodded, his gaze still fixed over Petey’s shoulder at him. It was a challenging gaze, a mocking one, and then Marcus snorted dismissively and shifted his focus to Petey, as though Kevin were no more of a threat than the dresser.

It burned—the dismissal, the confidence, the little “ooh” that came out of Petey’s mouth when he separated the folds of Marcus’s shirt to find the manly chest beneath it.

“I can tell how much you work out.” Petey’s hands groped across the taut curves of Marcus’s chest and arms. “And I love the way you smell. I could just lick you all over.” Kevin could imagine the expression on his face right now—the adoration, the lust. For this stranger. Who could kick Kevin’s ass if he wanted to. Who was definitely going to take his man.

“It’s all yours, babe.” Marcus shrugged off his shirt and flexed his pecs, making them bounce to the accompaniment of Petey’s squeals. He twisted his upper body into a classic Hercules pose, and Petey clapped his hands together like a child being offered ice cream.

Marcus was gorgeous. There was no disputing it. Kevin wouldn’t even try. All he could do was concede his own inferiority. No wonder Petey had chosen a man like that over someone like him. Kevin clenched his hands on the wooden arms of his chair hard enough to make his hands hurt, backing himself away from the orgasm that threatened.

“You behave now,” Petey threw over his shoulder at him, as if he knew how close he was. “If you come in your pants like a teenage boy, I’ll let Marcus fuck you instead of me.”

Fuck. They’d never talked about anything like that, so Kevin knew Petey wouldn’t actually do it, but the suggestion was hot enough to have him edging again. Being punished by his boyfriend’s studly lover because he couldn’t stop himself from creaming his pants? Fuck.

“Now, where were we?” Petey returned his attention to the real man in front of him, the one who could give him what he needed. Marcus answered with a grin as he pushed Petey’s robe completely off his shoulders, exposing his narrow back and the gorgeous curves of his ass to Kevin’s eyes.

“Ooh, you want me naked, do you?” Petey toyed with the waistband of his lace panties. “How about we get you naked first?”

He guided Marcus over to the bed and sat him down on it. This was good. Marcus was in profile to him now, so he could see the thick bulge distending his jeans.

Petey knelt down at his feet, always beautiful on his knees, a waif looking up at the alpha male over him, and took one booted foot in hand. “Let me get these for you, handsome.” From this angle, Kevin could see Petey’s face, so there was no doubting the hungry expression on it. “Oh, I am not disappointed,” he cooed as he unveiled Marcus’s cock.

Marcus extended it out for approval. “Guess this is what you need.”

“So bad,” Petey agreed. “I’m dying for a real cock. And a real man.” He fluttered his eyelashes, so pretty and perfect. A little whimper seeped out from between Kevin’s tightly pressed lips.

“Hush, you,” Petey said. “If you can’t behave, I won’t even let you watch. I’m going to suck this big, beautiful cock, and I don’t want to be distracted by some beta boy’s dirty fantasies.”

Oh God, it was true. He was a beta boy to Marcus’s alpha man, a dirty, depraved lesser who could only hope to lick up the aftermath and who would enjoy doing it, who sat here willingly, unrestrained, to watch his boyfriend get the fuck he couldn’t give him from someone who could. And oh God, he was so close to busting.

“Feed it to me,” Petey commanded. Marcus tilted his cock down, but Petey shook his head and summoned Kevin with an autocratic wave. “You. Come over here and feed me his cock. Make yourself useful.”

Kevin got to his feet, his knees tremulous beneath him, and took a couple of shaky steps over to the bed. “Is it okay if I touch you?” he asked Marcus.

Marcus leaned back on his elbows, an animal comfortable in repose. “Knock yourself out. Bet you don’t get a lot of chances to handle a real dick.”

“No, sir.” Kevin’s voice shook as badly as his knees. He wrapped a hand around Marcus’s cock. It was hard and smooth and very hot.

“Don’t play with it,” Petey complained. “It’s mine.”

“Sorry.” He lightened his grip, using only two fingers to tilt Marcus’s cock downward. Petey opened his mouth wide in anticipation, waiting for Kevin to guide it in, to slide the tip between his sweet lips and lay the shaft onto the soft bed of his tongue.

“Mmm.” Petey made a relishing hum as his mouth closed tightly around it. He made a shooing gesture at Kevin, then brought his hands up to cradle Marcus’s meaty balls. Kevin walked backward, feeling his way into his chair so he wouldn’t miss a moment of Petey’s slobbering worship. The sight inspired a confused jumble of torment and arousal. This was his Petey, his angel, the love of his life. On his knees. To another man. Eating it up.

“Fu-uck, you do that good.” Marcus propped his arms under his head to watch Petey for a moment, then shifted his gaze over to Kevin. “I suppose he could still suck your dick. Even if it’s small or whatever.”

“Why would I want to?” Petey took a break to lick up under Marcus’s balls.

Marcus gave a hefty groan and put a hand on the back of Petey’s head to push him tighter into the V between his legs. “You don’t know what you’re missing, beta boy. Or hey, I guess you do. Not like you don’t have a front row seat for it.”

Oh, yes. He knew. He knew how Petey’s clever tongue felt, knew the warm cavern of his throat and the gentle squeeze of his grasping fingers.

But not tonight. Tonight he only knew what it was to watch Petey give all that to someone else—to someone who was reveling in it, lording his superiority over Kevin in the most delicious way. Kevin wanted to tell Marcus that he was doing good, doing as good as Petey, but that would break the spell, so he could only suck in a breath and hold it, reminding himself that he was there to watch.

“I wanna get fucked.” Petey let Marcus’s cock plop wetly onto his stomach.

“That’s what I’m here for.” Marcus patted his chest, and Petey crawled up onto the bed and stretched himself over it. They kissed, and that was brutal, more brutal even than the blowjob, maybe more brutal than what was to come.

Like teenagers, they writhed on the bed, rolling back and forth to give Kevin a view first of Petey’s petite panty-clad ass and then Marcus’s strong naked one, their butt cheeks clenching as they rutted against each other. Petey squirmed out of his boy shorts without breaking the kiss, and Marcus’s fingers dove straight for his cheeks—tugging and separating and delving between them, making Petey giggle and squeal.

“We need lube, lover.” Petey reprimanded Marcus with a smack on his stomach. “You’re not getting that monster in me dry.”

When he snapped his fingers, Kevin rushed over there with the tube they’d left out on the dresser. “Can I prep you?”

Petey considered a moment before shaking his head. “I think Marcus had better do it. He knows what kind of prep a guy needs to take a cock that big.”

“Sure do.” Marcus rolled Petey onto his back and pushed his knees up toward his shoulders. “Hold those for me, beta boy.”

An order, not a request. Kevin got onto the bed near Petey’s head and took hold of his knees, pulling them back and apart to open his boyfriend wide so he could receive another man’s fingers.

“I can’t wait for your cock,” Petey moaned as Marcus worked him. He had his head tipped back and his eyes closed as he squirmed against the intrusion. “It’s going to be so good. So thick and hard and exactly what I’ve been waiting for.”

“Don’t know how a hot piece of goods like you gets by with a limp-dicked loser like that,” Marcus said sympathetically. “We’re good without a condom, right?” He looked up at Kevin to ask the question.

“We are if you are.” They’d left a box out just in case, but it’d all been discussed beforehand. Everyone was on PrEP with recent test results, and a cream pie was part of the fun.

“Gimme your come,” Petey begged. “I want you to fill my ass.”

“You know it. Hot little ass like that? It’s gonna hoover the come right out of me.” Marcus threw the bottle of lube off the side of the bed, ready to fuck, but Petey reached out a hand to hold him off.

“Oh, Feed Boy,” he called.

Kevin swallowed the build-up of saliva he didn’t seem able to control and released one of Petey’s knees to lean forward and take hold of Marcus’s cock.

“No, I don’t think you can do it from there,” Petey said. “Get over there where you can see. I want you to appreciate what a real man looks like when he’s fucking someone.”

Yeah, fuck. That was… He was seriously so close to coming. He had to chew on his lip as he got off the bed and went over to where Marcus stood at the foot of it.

“Maybe get Petey closer to the edge of the bed,” he suggested.

“Don’t tell me how to fuck. I know how to fuck.” But Marcus grabbed Petey’s hips and dragged him right to the edge, Petey squealing the whole way.

Petey tilted up his hips, showing off his glistening hole. It winked open from the fingering Marcus had given him, and Kevin tilted Marcus’s cock down to meet it. He ringed the shaft gently and inserted just the tip. Petey made a soft sighing sound, his whole body seeming to relax at finally receiving what it’d been waiting for.

“Out of my way, Feed Boy.” Marcus brushed Kevin off, then buried himself balls-deep with a single thrust.

Kevin took a few steps pack, positioning himself close enough to see but far enough to remember that he had no part in this, that it was Marcus fucking Petey, not him. It was Marcus making Petey gurgle and scream, Marcus whose cock was buried in that tight, enveloping ass, Marcus who was grunting and groaning his way to an explosive orgasm, standing tall and strong over the body of his boyfriend.

“Fuck me, Daddy.”

Daddy. Kevin squeezed his hands into tight fists as a hot curl of pain blossomed in his stomach, its sick tendrils spiraling out to his cock and balls.

Petey stroked himself, his delicate hand squeezing the base of his cock in a way Kevin knew meant he was about to blow. Marcus drove deep with a strangled yell, flooding Petey’s ass with his seed, and Petey came with him.

Petey was Marcus’s now, filled and owned, destroyed and pleased. He opened his eyes, finding Kevin’s with a triumphant smile as Marcus withdrew.

“Fuck, that was good.” Marcus slapped Petey’s inner thigh with his sticky cock.

“Kevin could clean that off for you,” Petey offered. “He’s good for that much.”

“Guess I can throw him a bone.” Marcus laughed at his own joke, a big brutish bully. “Get down here, beta boy. Taste how good a dicking I just gave your man.”

Kevin obeyed, shaking with humiliation and hunger. He took the cock that had been in his boyfriend’s ass and licked it clean and soft until Marcus dismissed him with an imperious shove, as if Kevin had no more value than a dirty washcloth.

“Give me a call me the next time you need a good fuck,” Marcus said as he got dressed. “I’d be happy to do the job.” He headed for the door, Petey trailing along behind him to engage the locks.

Kevin remained in the bedroom, glued to the spot where he’d watched his boyfriend get fucked. He drifted his fingertips over the front of his pants, shuddering from the intensity of even that light contact, but the sound of Petey’s returning footsteps had him yanking his hand away before he got caught.

“Look,” Petey said as he came into the room. He thrust a leg in Kevin’s direction. “I’m leaking already. Clean this up.” He arrayed himself on the bed, arms and legs thrown wide in luxurious repose. “What are you waiting for? Get in there.”

Kevin got in there. He lowered himself onto the bed between Petey’s legs and traced the rivulet of come, following it back to the loose pucker it’d originated from. With increasingly desperate movements he dug his way deeper into Petey’s ass, chasing down Marcus’s come, sucking it right out of him as Petey urged him on with cruel taunts.

Cumsucker, cuckold, impotent, useless.

Petey’s voice grew breathless and his cock grew hard until Kevin begged to suck it and Petey let him—jackknifed up into him and held his head down and flooded him with a load of come that mixed in Kevin’s mouth with the lingering flavors of Marcus’s cock and Petey’s ass in a heavenly elixir.

“Swallow it,” Petey ordered. “Every drop. Taste your failure.” And Kevin did, reveling in Petey’s hot eyes, the sated glow of him freshly fucked and sucked and gorgeous.

“Please.” He was so hard, so close.

“Aw, does your wittle dick need a hand?”


“Touch it yourself, then. These hands were made for bigger things.”

The final insult, all Kevin needed. He grabbed his dick through his pants and came instantly—convulsing, rutting into bed, mimicking the motions of the fuck he’d been denied, his cock and his heart clenching together in a shameful swirl of ecstasy until the last spasm faded.

And then it was only his heart. Hurting. Hurting so bad.

“Come on, love.” Petey urged him up higher onto the bed, taking him into his warm arms as Kevin sobbed. “I love you. You know that, right? I love your cock, I love your kink. There will never be anyone more perfect for me than you are. Never.”

Petey had him tucked in close, hands rubbing everywhere. Because he knew. He knew how it hurt after, when the lust was gone and the shame lingered.

“It’s okay, love. Everything’s okay. You’re allowed to like what you like. You’re allowed to get off on it. And I’m not going anywhere. I’m right here with you.”

The crush of shame retreated as the spark of love reignited. His body was loose now, happily sated, relieved of tension through the catharsis of crying and the magic of a good orgasm.

“Marcus had a pretty good dick,” he said when his mind had gone full circle and he could think of what had happened as hot again.

“Eh. It wasn’t any bigger than yours, to be honest, and he was kind of hit-or-miss on my prostate. A-plus role playing, though.”

“Yeah, he had some real zingers.”

“And he fucked like he meant it. I’m going to have his fingerprints on my hips tomorrow.”


Tomorrow night, when Kevin fucked Petey himself, the bruises would be a reminder of how Marcus had fucked him. And how he’d watched.

The End