T. M. Chris
A young man looks at the camera while a larger man stands behind him so that only his chest is visible

His Brother’s Brat epilogue

Kael danced like he’d taken a hit of E, all frenetic passion—alternately grabbing at Simon’s crotch and grinding back into it. He was drunker than Simon, though only on excitement, with his pupils dilated and a light sheen of sweat coating his skin, looking positively edible. If Simon had come to the bar alone, he would be hoping to go home with Kael.

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Text says "you're sewing me?" "I'm lacing you."


He caught Dalin’s eye and grinned, putting enough menace into his smile to have Dalin looking apprehensive. Good. Dalin ought to be apprehensive. Tonight was going to be fun. As soon as Atalanta got rid of these straight-laced ass-lickers, the real party could begin.

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A ping pong paddle resting on a surface

Pledging Allegiance

Last year the paddling would’ve been administered by his very own boyfriend, Vadim. But then last year he wouldn’t have had to act out to get what he needed. Vadim had happily administered punishments in his room nearly every single night—intimate over-the-knee spankings, sharp swats with a ruler, an occasional session with the belt or whatever other implement Vadim happened to come across.

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