His Brother’s Brat epilogue

Important note: If you bought His Brother’s Brat from Smashwords, this epilogue is included at the end of the book. You don’t need to read this. This online version is intended for people who read His Brother’s Brat as part of the Closer Than Blood anthology because the epilogue didn’t appear in the anthology.

They nearly got caught. Kael had been dropping Simon off at work so he could use the car for the day—they really needed to get a second car—and Simon kissed him goodbye without thinking about it.

“Was that last night’s hookup who dropped you off?” a co-worker asked as they rode up together in the elevator.

And Simon, still not thinking, told her no. “My nephew’s staying with me. He’s starting at the community college in a few weeks.”

“Your nephew?” the co-worker repeated with a frown. “I thought I saw you kiss him.”

Oops. Now he saw the trap he’d walked himself into.

“It’s a close family,” he lied, desperately trying to remember how much tongue he’d used. “We always kiss goodbye.” He spent a moment imagining how Brad would react if Simon ever tried to kiss him, then spent the rest of the day fretting over how close he’d come to disaster.

Shame he’d introduced Kael as his nephew when Kael first moved in, but he hadn’t known the two of them were going to end up in an incestuous relationship. And besides, if they hid their familial relationship, he wouldn’t get to hear Kael call him Uncle Simon. And he still hadn’t gotten over that particular thrill.

No, Kael was his nephew, a fact that couldn’t and shouldn’t be hidden. But that meant hiding the other fact. He didn’t much like being back in the closet after twenty years of being out of it. And what a strange closet.

With the thought of how much he wished he could publicly treat Kael like a lover on his mind, he proposed a trip. “Wanna take the bike up to New Hampshire for a long weekend? A little vacation for you before school starts.”

“Yeah?” Kael brightened at the suggestion. He loved being on the back of the bike with his arms wrapped around his uncle’s waist, and Simon liked having him there. When they were on the bike, no one questioned why Kael was clinging to him. It was either hold on or fall off.

“And while we’re there, I was thinking—how about if you just call me Simon for the weekend? Leave off the uncle part.”

Kael’s smile turned into a frown. “You don’t like it when I call you Uncle Simon?”

“You know I do, baby boy.” He tugged Kael against his body and kissed that frown away. “But no one knows us there. We could go a gay bar. Be ourselves, be lovers. You’re a little young for me, but that’s not so uncommon. No one will look twice at us except to envy me for having the cutest boy in the bar.”

“Can we dance?”

Oh God. Of course Kael would want to dance. Simon had never been much of a dancer, even at Kael’s age, but he imagined Kael grinding on him in the center of a hot and crowded dance floor and decided he could deal with it.

“Yeah, and dance.”

Kael threw his arms around his neck, resulting in some celebratory sex.

A few days later they packed the bare necessities into Simon’s saddlebags and took the bike up to New Hampshire. It was a favorite destination, so he knew the haunts, and when he walked into Buster’s—holding Kael’s hand for the first time ever in public—he spotted a familiar face. He’d hooked up with the guy once or twice, but that was all right. That was how things worked in places like this.

“Settling down?” Dave asked with a glance at Kael, who was clinging to him with wide-eyed wonderment.

“He’s got me hooked,” he admitted. “This here’s my baby boy, Kael.”

Kael waved at Dave, then went back to gawking. “There’s so many men,” he whispered. “Are they really all gay?”

“He’s young yet,” Simon explained to Dave.

“I can see that. Well, more power to you, my friend. You know what they say—you’re only as old as who you fuck.” Dave laughed. “Got a nice ass on him.”

Simon smirked. He didn’t appreciate it when Len ogled Kael’s ass, but this was different. Dave knew who Kael belonged to, so when he complimented Kael’s ass it was a testament to Simon’s taste and an acknowledgement of how lucky he’d gotten. Simon gave the ass in question a squeeze.

With the bike safely parked back at the B&B, he could afford to have a drink or two, so he ordered himself a whiskey and Kael a Coke and joined Dave and some of his friends at a sticky table not far from the dance floor. Kael bopped in the chair next to him, eager to be dancing, while Simon sucked down enough liquid courage to make dancing possible. He exchanged updates with the folks he recognized, talked shop with a guy who turned out to be a lawyer, and kept his hand on Kael the whole time. A kiss here, a squeeze there—all those things he couldn’t do in real life. It was heaven.

Two drinks later, he allowed Kael to drag him onto the floor. It was either that or watch Kael dance with someone else, and he hadn’t driven all the way up to New Hampshire so some other man could grope his baby boy.

Kael danced like he’d taken a hit of E, all frenetic passion, and once he realized they were allowed to get x-rated on the floor, he really went for it—alternately grabbing at Simon’s crotch and grinding back into it. He was drunker than Simon, though only on excitement, with his pupils dilated and a light sheen of sweat coating his skin, looking positively edible in a frilly white tank top and a pair of aquamarine skinny jeans. If Simon had come to the bar alone, he would be hoping to go home with Kael.

“Behave, minx,” he growled into Kael’s ear when Kael got a little too friendly with the guy on his other side.

It was a mosh pit in here, the music so loud it shut your brain down and the floor so packed it was hard to tell where one person ended and another began. But he didn’t want Kael being touched by anyone other than himself, so he spun Kael around to face away from him and dragged him back against his chest. He hooked his chin over Kael’s shoulder and visually dared any other man to touch him.

Kael ground back against him. Simon had been half hard just from watching Kael enjoy himself, but ass-to-groin took care of the rest. Kael was hard too. His erection made a visible bulge in his skinny jeans, so Simon went for it, skating his hand over Kael’s zipper.

Kael bucked at the touch. He dropped his head back until it rested on Simon’s shoulder and turned his feverish eyes up to the flashing lights. He was so hot—a squirmy mess of happiness and arousal—and Simon was so proud of him. Aroused to be touching him in public. Grateful he had the right to do it. He didn’t give a fuck what anyone thought, not even the folks back home except that he had a job to think about and Kael’s future too. So they would be discreet where they had to be discreet. But right here, right now?

He shoved his hand down the front of Kael’s pants, under the tight jeans and inside the lacy panties he knew Kael had on beneath them. Meeting the gaze of a guy who was watching them avidly, he jerked Kael off, soaking in his squeaks and moans. When Kael came all over his fingers, he withdrew his hand and offered it to their peeping Tom.

“Yeah, dude. That’s what I’m talking about.” The guy licked Simon’s hand clean, then glanced at him like there might be more on offer. Simon shook his head and the man slunk away to search out the next spectacle.

“Ready to go back to the room?” Simon asked his nephew, who was limp now in more ways than one, as though the orgasm had burned through all his energy in a single explosion.

Kael nodded, though he took a wistful last look around as Simon said goodbye to the fellas. He liked how jealous the men at the sticky table looked, liked how they knew he was taking Kael somewhere to fuck him and that he got to do it on the regular. This was what he’d wanted out of New Hampshire, and he’d gotten it, but he already missed it. One more night here, then it was back to Arlington where he would be Kael’s uncle instead of his lover. Damn, he wanted to be both.

Wound up from all that grinding, he threw Kael to his knees as soon as they got to the room.

“I didn’t get off on the dance floor,” he said, as if Kael needed any prodding. He was already reaching for Simon’s fly. “You were so hot out there, baby boy. The best thing in the place.”

Kael looked up with worshipful eyes as he gobbled down his uncle’s cock. Such a good boy. Always so eager and very well trained. Simon generally spoiled him, giving him whatever he asked for. If he wanted Simon to come down his throat, Simon did. But tonight Simon wanted the ass Kael had been shaking at him.

“Get those clothes off,” he ordered. “I’m going to fuck you.”

“Yes!” Kael hopped right up. He tore his clothes off, strewing them around the room in his haste, then climbed onto the genteel four-poster bed and stuck out his naked ass for Simon to have his way with.

Simon started with his tongue. Kael always went wild when Simon rimmed him. Once he was bucking and pleading, which was how Simon liked him, he slicked up his cock and slid it home.

Man, that was good. He had to take a moment to lean down and kiss Kael’s neck, let Kael bear some of his weight, because every time he sheathed his cock in Kael’s hot hole, he nearly passed out from the pleasure of it. He hadn’t had much condom-free sex before Kael, and he couldn’t get over how much he loved it. He even loved Kael’s sappy breeding talk, loved that he was despoiling his nephew with his come.

“Uncle Simon,” Kael whined, ready to be fucked.

Uncle Simon. He’d missed that tonight. He straightened up and set to giving Kael the fuck he’d been anticipating, going at him so hard he struggled to maintain position. He was a floppy, tired boy, and he needed his Uncle Simon to put him properly to bed.

“Uncle Simon!” he called as he came. His sperm sullied the fancy silk sheets as Simon sullied him, pumping shot after shot of come into his hot ass.

Kael took it beautifully, as always, moaning with Simon’s contractions as if he could feel every spurt. Then he face-planted onto the bed and declared he was never moving again.

Simon went into the bathroom and came back with a washcloth to clean him up, then manhandled him under the covers.

“Thank you, Uncle Simon,” Kael murmured, a perfect angel with his dark bangs damp against his forehead and his eyelids fluttering shut. “Thanks for bringing me here. I loved it.” He slipped his hand into Simon’s. “I belong to you. I wish everyone knew it.”

Simon leaned down to kiss Kael’s forehead. He wished everyone knew it too, but it would have to be enough that the two of them knew it.