Big Brother Bully

Apollo used to be afraid of his older brother, but not anymore. Now he’s the one with all the confidence, and he’s going to make Thaddeus pay for bullying him and other gay men like him.

Thad’s been dreaming about a relationship he can’t admit he wants—something rough, almost cruel, and definitely with a man. He never expected to find the Dom of his dreams in the bedroom next door.

Content warning: adult incest with dubious consent. Includes violence, bullying, homophobia—both internal and external—and non-SSC BDSM play. Happy consensual ending.


Apollo was just so fucking handsome. When you named your kid Apollo, you were asking for him to be ugly, but fate had smiled on their parents. Apollo lived up to his name with wavy golden hair, a chiseled jaw, and a body that had become—now that it had reached full adulthood—really fucking perfect. He was so upright, so confident, with his shoulders back and his head high. He knew how to make the best of himself too, wearing clothes that flattered his body and styling his hair with products. Apollo was good-looking because he wasn’t afraid of being gay-looking.

Meanwhile, Thad slouched around the house in baggy sweatpants with his hair in his eyes. He couldn’t afford to get it buzzed on a regular basis, and he didn’t know what other style to ask for, so he just let it hang there. Not long enough to look like a girl but too long to stay neat.


Apollo was everything Thad wanted to be but wasn’t plus everything Thad was but was afraid to let anyone know. Apollo had come out at thirteen. A little pipsqueak of a thing, too small to defend himself from anyone, let alone from Thad. But Apollo had done it—come out anyway. Thad had been merciless, grinding Apollo’s face into his crotch, saying he knew Apollo wanted to suck his cock, teasing him about taking it up the ass, even threatening to fuck him with a broomstick once, supposedly to prove how much Apollo would like it.

He’d chased Apollo around the house with that broomstick, and if Apollo hadn’t managed to stay just out of reach, he might have done it too. Might really have crammed an ungreased broomstick up his brother’s ass to prove a point. A point he was pretty sure he’d gotten wrong anyway. Apollo was a top.