Daddy’s Little Helper

When Geordie was little, he loved helping his father with home improvement projects. Now Dad is reeling after a second divorce, and he needs Geordie’s help more than ever— with cooking, cleaning, and just generally getting his life back in order. Then Geordie witnesses his father having a sexy dream and realizes Dad may need help in other ways too.

Content warning: adult incest, somnophilia, and dubious consent (due to unconsciousness)


“Do you need help with the computer?” Geordie asked as he came through the doorway. Their ancient computer, the one he’d used for homework back in the day, lived on a desk in the corner. But it wasn’t the computer Dad needed help with.

Dad was in the office chair with his sweatpants pushed down in front so his cock protruded out from them. It was hard, red like it’d been hard for a while, and shiny with lube. The bottle of lube sat on the desk where the mouse should be, and the mouse was on the other side of the room, on the floor amongst a pile of pottery shards that had once been a vase.

Geordie spun his back to his father, but it was too late. He would remember the sight of his father’s fat cock sticking out of his pants for the rest of his life.

“Sorry. I didn’t realize you were, uh…”

“You can turn around. I put it away. And I’m the one who should apologize. I didn’t mean to wake you. I was just frustrated.”


“Frustrated with the computer?” Geordie went over and picked up the mouse. “I can take a look at it.”

“No, not with the computer. Frustrated-frustrated. You know.”

“Oh.” Geordie put the mouse on the desk where it belonged. The mouse was probably fine, but that vase would never be fine again.

“There’s nothing wrong with jerking off, Geordie.”

“No, of course not.” He sure hoped not, considering how often he did it.

“I just can’t do it.”

“You can’t…. What? I don’t understand.”

“I’ve never gone more than a few months without a woman in my life, not since I was your age. And in between serious relationships, I would, you know, play the field. It’s like I’ve forgotten how masturbation works. I try, but it’s just not enough. It doesn’t do the trick.”

“Okaaay.” Geordie had never heard of your own hand not being enough. “How about we work on that dating profile then?”

“It’s no use.” Dad pushed the chair away from the desk. Its casters rolled noisily over the wood floor.

“What do you mean ‘no use’?”

When Dad didn’t answer, Geordie glanced at him, saw that he was absent-mindedly stroking himself through his sweatpants, and set to collecting the shards of vase off the floor to give himself something to do. Because he kind of wanted to get in there and finish the job he’d interrupted.

“It’s a hard thing to admit,” Dad said finally. “But you remember that date I had with Ida’s friend? It didn’t go so well. I mean it did, but then it didn’t, if you follow me.”

“Oh. Well, that happens sometimes, right?” He was too young to have any firsthand experience with not being able to maintain an erection, and there was never anyone around to be disappointed if he didn’t, but he’d heard it was a common problem.

“It’d never happened to me before. What if… what if I’m too old now? I can’t get it up for a woman. I can’t even jerk it. No wonder Alison left me.”

“Were you two having trouble that way?”

“I didn’t think so, but maybe I was fooling myself. We’d lost any sense of an intimate connection between us, but she was there and willing, and it’d never taken more than that for me. A wet hole or a warm hand. They’re all the same, aren’t they?”

If all warm hands were the same, then Dad’s warm hand ought to work as well as any woman’s, but Geordie didn’t say that. He didn’t want Dad getting any more paranoid about his sexual prowess than he already was.

Reviews:on Love Bytes Reviews:

Let me tell you, this didn’t disappoint, more the opposite, it was everything. The secret visits were scorching and very satisfying. Just how I like this kink. The story was captivating af, the author got me in her grip with this one, it was very focused and clearly written. This was such a deliciously intense read, for my pleasure it was too short, I couldn’t get enough of them.
In its genre a winner!