Let’s start with the content warnings because this is a weird one. All the sex, including the administration of sexualized punishments, is M/M, but the world is run by women. Men live as tribute and are required to maintain an erection at all times. So we’ve got herbal aphrodisiacs, itching oil, orgasm denial, sounding, prostate milking, erotic pain, gangbangs, humiliation, dubcon, slut shaming, internalized homophobia, and erections lasting longer than four hours. What we don’t have is a partnered HEA. The main character ends up happy, but he’s happy in a group way, not in a partnered way.

Now for the story:

When Cyrrus Maccucius, Firstborn Son of King Luxifer and Heir to the Throne of Homunculus, insists on being taken as hostage in his sister’s place, he imagines he’s doing an honorable thing. But he has no idea what kind of environment he’s heading into. His sister would’ve been fine in Dominia. Cyrrus? Not so much.

From his humiliating arrival to his devastating surrender, Cyrrus is teased, tortured, and taught his place by a host of men, most particularly his sternly distant trainer, Torun. Cyrrus’s cell is nightly visited by opportunistic guards, and his days consist of struggling to maintain an erection without ever being allowed to climax. In the midst of this horny subjugation, Cyrrus discovers his true nature.

More serious content warning: due to the strong association between erections and masculinity, people with gender-sensitive dysphoria may find this uncomfortable to read. Please use caution.


“Listen, er, I don’t know your name.”

“Torun, but you may call me sir. I’ll be your trainer, which means you’ll learn to treat me with respect and to do what I ask, when I ask it. Else you’ll pay the consequences. Ah, Saiph, give those here.” Torun accepted two skeins bulging with liquid from the guard who’d gone off to fetch them.

“Please, sir.” The title rankled, but he forced it out. “I didn’t understand the nature of our relationship. Allow me a second chance.” He still wasn’t sure how he would manage to use the chamber pot without privacy, but those two skeins terrified him.

“There are no second chances. Kneel on the floor and raise your ass in the air.”


He hesitated. Then he remembered that the current situation was the result of his last hesitation and obeyed. The stone of the floor was hard and cold beneath his bare knees, but at least his cock was no longer on display. It had softened in fear, and his balls had pulled up tight against his body from the chill.

“I said raise that ass.” Torun slapped him on the part in question—a ringing, stinging slap that had him complying quickly.

With his ass as high as he could get it, his cock dangled, causing his foreskin to make contact with the rough and chilly floor. He shivered, regretting yesterday’s decision to volunteer as hostage. Then he imagined Elixa in this position and accepted the necessity of going in her stead all over again. He was Cyrrus Maccucius, firstborn son of King Luxifer and heir to the throne of Homunculus. He would bear this indignity stoically, as befitted his position.

Then something hard and intrusive pierced his sphincter, and he couldn’t help squeaking out a protest. He’d never been touched in that area by anything other than the softest linens when he wiped himself clean after his morning constitutional. And he certainly didn’t impale himself on those. This hard implement had gone clear inside him, not without requiring some force.

Torun laughed, the sound raucous and humiliating.

“He’ll learn to take more than a half-inch of ram’s horn up his chute, won’t he, Saiph? I do love breaking in a new hostage.”

Reviews:Lydia Devlin wrote:

I thoroughly enjoyed this super hot, spicey and steamy novella,set in a kingdom where the men are required to show tribute to their ladies every day.
Although not a traditional hea story it does have a very satisfying ending, so if you're interested in something a bit different give this a try

Brooks wrote:

A fun, fast, super steamy read from one of my favorite authors. Well-written and fast-moving, it's fun to see Cyrrus find his place in his new life

Cheryl wrote:

Talk about holding on to your seat, woohoo that Prince is about to have his eyes and uhm others things opened to new possibilities.