Now available: My Two Dads

Cover for My Two Dads by T. M. Chris shows a man with a towel around his neck standing in front of a towel rack with two towels both marked His

My Two Dads, book 5 in the Incest Anonymous series, is a scorcher! Father/son/stepfather (father’s husband). Available from Smashwords and Eden Books for $2.99.

After moving back home after college, Christian starts screwing around with his stepfather. He knows he shouldn’t, but it’s just so hot. Things really heat up though when his father catches them at it.

Tom helped raise his stepson, but now that Christian has grown into exactly the sort of man he lusts after, he’s got less fatherly ideas. And since he and his husband have an open relationship, it’s not exactly cheating. It’s just dirty and wrong.

Yes, Rick knows his husband fucks around with other men, but he didn’t expect Tom to be fucking his own son! Accidentally interrupting the two of them mid-act is a strange—and strangely arousing—surprise. But once he’s given his permission, he starts wondering if he’s got even more to give.

Content warning: Contains consensual adult incest. Readers who consider Tom to be cheating on Rick despite their having an open relationship might find this problematic. This novella has a happy M/M/M conclusion