Now available: Big Brother Bully

Cover for Big Brother Bully by T. M. Chris shows a bare-chested, muscular man standing over another bare-chested muscular man with barbells in the background

Due to its taboo nature, Big Brother Bully is available only on Smashwords ($2.99). Please be sure to read the content warning.

Apollo used to be afraid of his older brother, but not anymore. Now he’s the one with all the confidence, and he’s going to make Thaddeus pay for bullying him and other gay men like him.

Thad’s been dreaming about a relationship he can’t admit he wants—something rough, almost cruel, and definitely with a man. He never expected to find the Dom of his dreams in the bedroom next door.

Content warning: adult incest with dubious consent. Includes violence, bullying, homophobia—both internal and external—and non-SSC BDSM play. Happy consensual ending.