Now available: Ruled

Cover for Ruled by T. M. Chris shows the lower half of a man in knightly clothes holding a sword

Ruled is $2.99 to buy and is eligible for Kindle Unlimited.

Let’s start with the content warnings because this is a weird one. All the sex, including the administration of sexualized punishments, is M/M, but the world is run by women. Men live as tribute and are required to maintain an erection at all times. So we’ve got herbal aphrodisiacs, itching oil, orgasm denial, sounding, prostate milking, erotic pain, gangbangs, humiliation, dubcon, slut shaming, internalized homophobia, and erections lasting longer than four hours. What we don’t have is a partnered HEA. The main character ends up happy, but he’s happy in a group way, not in a partnered way.

Now for the story:

When Cyrrus Maccucius, Firstborn Son of King Luxifer and Heir to the Throne of Homunculus, insists on being taken as hostage in his sister’s place, he imagines he’s doing an honorable thing. But he has no idea what kind of environment he’s heading into. His sister would’ve been fine in Dominia. Cyrrus? Not so much.

From his humiliating arrival to his devastating surrender, Cyrrus is teased, tortured, and taught his place by a host of men, most particularly his sternly distant trainer, Torun. Cyrrus’s cell is nightly visited by opportunistic guards, and his days consist of struggling to maintain an erection without ever being allowed to climax. In the midst of this horny subjugation, Cyrrus discovers his true nature.

More serious content warning: due to the strong association between erections and masculinity, people with gender-sensitive dysphoria may find this uncomfortable to read. Please use caution.