Jake's too big for most Doms to handle, until Eduardo comes along to tame him.

Jake is his own worst enemy, an ex-Marine struggling to meet everyday challenges now that he no longer has the externally-imposed discipline of the service. He longs to submit, but needs a master who can make him do it, and he’s developed a reputation for fighting back that has Doms giving him a wide berth.

Eduardo knows a bit about taming wild animals, and Jake definitely needs to be tamed. It’ll take a loving hand and firm discipline to turn a rebellious brat set on destroying his life into a lover and partner.

Tamed is an M/M domestic discipline novella.


Meanwhile, there stood Mr. Perfect Dom only a few stools away, rhapsodizing about his good boy, Earl, and it made Jake sick.

Lucky, lucky Earl. Where even was Lucky Earl? If Jake had a Dom like this one, no way he’d leave him alone in a club to get picked up by some other needy sub.

“Discipline,” the Dom was saying. “It’s all about consistency. If you have one rule one day, and another on another day, it just confuses them. Leniency may seem loving, but it’s the worst thing you can do.”

Discipline. Now there was a thing Jake didn’t have. q

Reviews:Adagio on Amazon wrote:

T.M. Chris delivers not only a hot story but also one with meaning. There’s no doubt the erotica feel to this, I’m glad I didn’t read it in public! Yet there’s a sweetness to it that made it all the more captivating.

The character development was exceptionally well done, especially for this type of piece. I fell in love with Jake and loved seeing his journey. T.M. Chris really poured so much into Eduardo; I greatly appreciated the extra depth. The world building was intricate and vivid.

Anne Shure on Amazon wrote:

The first four chapters of this book are from my favorite story in the Come, Play anthology. After reading it I wanted more of Eduardo and Jake, and this expanded version was such a treat that I read it in KU, then bought a copy for my collection. Eduardo is the perfect Dom for Jake because he really understands what makes him tick and knows how to bring out the best in him. In turn, Jake grows into himself, and becomes the perfect sub for Eduardo—not *a* perfect sub, but the sub that’s right for his Dom. I loved seeing their relationship unfurl, and even got a bit choked up in places. I know I’ll revisit their tale in the future, especially when I’m in the mood for some spankings with substance.