Yet another failed assignment has Kelvin desperate enough to do anything to pass his college psychiatry class—even participate in a study as strange as this one. Signing up for the study means extra credit, and his professor thinks it might help him get his life together too. But can corporal punishment really solve his executive dysfunction issues?

Grant is pretty good-looking for a man his age. Kelvin would be happy to consider dating him, but he’s not sure about letting Grant discipline him. Does Grant really have a secret that will unlock Kelvin’s success? And could that secret be contained in his long slim fingers and surprisingly strong hands? Kelvin trusts himself to the scientific process in an attempt to find out.

This hot and heavy M/M spanking novella includes a happy ending.


The assessment started out routinely enough—his name, his gender, his age. The usual. Then there was a spate of those 1-to-5 questions where he had to say how often he experienced a particular outcome or issue or a result. He answered with a lot of 1s and 5s, which he knew meant he was a good candidate, but he’d known that as soon as he’d understood the criteria for qualifying.

“Do you say ‘I’ll do it later’ and then forget all about it?” the assessment asked. Kelvin needed a number bigger than five for that one.

“Do you have difficulty figuring out what’s most important or what you should start with given a list of things to do?” Yeah, that might be why Dr. Abidi had practically had to order him to come here.

“Do you start tasks with enthusiasm but lose interest quickly?” Oh my God, this assessment was killing him. It was like a detailed version of “Are you a total failure as an adult, Kevin?” Because he so was.


And then the tenor of the questions changed, became more personal. “Were you ever spanked as a child?”

Kelvin hadn’t been, except once when he was eight and he’d accidentally left the door open and the dog had gotten out. For the third time that week. They lived right off a busy street, and Smudge was only a puppy then, so it was really dangerous for him to be running around. Kelvin loved Smudge. No way he wanted Smudge to get run over, but there he would be, leaving the house with his mind buzzing about everything he needed to do, and he would manage to forget what he needed to do first, which was shut the door.

His father had been ripping about Smudge nearly getting run over, and Kelvin had been so genuinely sorry that when his father whapped him five or six times on the ass, he didn’t even complain. He cried, but he didn’t complain. Then he’d been sent to his room, which was his usual punishment, so his father could calm down. Through the bedroom door, he’d been able to hear his mother lecturing his father about violence never being the answer, but those swats had felt like a small price to pay for nearly killing Smudge. And maybe they’d worked too because he never did leave the door open again.

Kelvin selected no. He didn’t think one time counted. But the memory left him wondering if Dr. Abidi had a point. Maybe he would respond better to corporal punishment than he did to the usual repercussions. Like timeouts. Or failing his assignments. Because he didn’t want to fail any more than he wanted Smudge to get run over by a car, and yet he kept leaving that metaphorical door to failure open without ever learning his lesson.

Reviews:Carrie Krogh on Amazon wrote:

I loved Grant and Kelvin. They were perfect together. The chemistry between them was explosive. I loved how the spankings helped Kelvin focus on getting his tasks done. I also loved the naughtiness that Kelvin felt when he would go to get his spankings because he knew that he was supposed to be motivated to do the tasks to avoid getting a spanking, and he would purposely not do all of the tasks on his list so that he would get a spanking.

Alexleo on Amazon wrote:

What this author manages to do in her books is to show the reader why spanking may be more that pain and more than shame, but indeed a gratifying experience that lasts for days after it was done. And it is a deeply emotional experience even for the authority figure creating a bond with his boy that allows the former to find release for his deep need to take care of his beloved.

loveQuay on Reading Under the Rainbow wrote:

Wow, this is the ultimate spanking story that could happen to a student! Why aren't there more books like this? I have a need for more! The spanking scenes were so well written, I loved how Kelvin enjoyed them and was confused about all that. And Grant, ahh, so good. He tried to keep a distance, but he wasn't as strong as he thought he was. And I loved it! The little touches, and when Kelvin was in a jockstrap, holyhell! LOOOVED it!