M/M Schoolboy Spanking

Thornton thought being banished to an all-boys finishing school in England was the worst thing that could happen to him. Until he got there. Turns out the entire school is heavily involved in corporal punishment, and the boy he likes best, Puck, is the most involved of all.

Thornton will be hazed but not conquered as he fights teachers, classmates, and the head of the school itself. Can he end the rampant abuse of power while making sure Puck still gets what he needs?

Author’s Note: all characters are at least 18 years of age. Includes some instances of dubious consent and non-exclusive activities. Happy monogamous ending guaranteed!


Thornton sucked in a breath. Not even his first day, and he was about to witness a paddling. He ducked away from the door as the boy passed it, not wanting to be caught peeping, then moved into a discreet viewing position so as not to miss a moment. Would the paddling be ceremonial, or would Roy really go at it? Would the boy’s knee breeches be taken down, or would punishment be administered to the seat of his pants?

As the boy approached the front of the room, Master Roy grabbed his arm and slammed him face-first into the blackboard. Thornton flinched. The boy’s face was so angelically perfect. He didn’t want it marred. The boy turned so one cheek pressed against the slate surface, looking in Thornton’s direction but with his eyes half closed, as if he’d entered into some sort of dream state. Thornton wanted to kiss him and hold him, but he also wanted to see a paddle descend on his pert ass. Preferably his pert, naked ass.


“I’ve never known a boy to be so unrelentingly bad,” Master Roy said. “Clearly more than a simple paddling is in order. Take down your pants.”

Thornton held his breath as the boy complied, dropping his knee breeches but leaving his tighty-whities in place. Thornton had been provided with ten pairs of identical tighty-whities, but he was wearing his own boxers rather than the restricting, juvenile underwear. Still, he had to admit the tighty-whities suited this boy’s sweet ass, cupping it perfectly.

He hardly had time to appreciate the effect before Master Roy yanked them down around the boy’s ankles to join his breeches. Thornton almost whistled. Holy shit. A teacher had just stripped a student down to his bare necessities. The way the boy was leaning against the chalkboard made his shirttails collect in front, preventing Thornton from getting a look at the boy’s cock, but they didn’t cover the golden curves of his ass cheeks or the cleft splitting them.

Thornton could make out the red remains of the boy’s earlier paddling. He must have gotten it good, but he maintained position now, neither squirming nor flinching as Master Roy went to his desk—which was a much larger block of wood than the ones the students were seated at—and pulled out a ruler. He thwapped it into his palm as he approached the boy, but still the boy didn’t flinch. A lustrous sweep of eyelashes descended onto his cheeks, and a beatific smile flirted across his lips.


Thornton jumped at the crack of ruler across ass, which broke into the eerie silence of eleven boys staring straight ahead at the sight of their teacher applying a ruler to the naked ass of one of their classmates.


A second line of red crossed the first, sharp and angry. The boy’s eyelashes fluttered, and his smile dropped as his lips parted, his light gasp making its way to where Thornton stood pressed against the door, not caring whether the people inside noticed him or not. He dropped a hand to his groin and palmed himself, almost surprised to discover how hard he was. Fuck, everything about this scenario was ridiculously inappropriate—his reaction to it, the boy’s reaction to it, that it was happening at all.

Whap, came the ruler down again. Then again, making a second set of crisscrossed stripes.

Master Roy stepped back to appreciate his work. He was breathing unusually hard for a man who’d done no more than swing a ruler four times, but Thornton was breathing harder. He had a strong urge to rush in there and save the beautiful boy, but an even stronger one to see what would happen next.