The Erotic Adventures of Bill's Boyfriend

Cover for Cucked, The Erotica Adventures of Bill's Boyfriend, by T. M. Chris shows two men kissing on a bed while another man with an angry expression watches

Important content warning: this book features cuckold kink, which is where one partner “cheats” and the other finds it erotic. It includes humiliation, especially SPH (look it up if you don’t know). This book is absolutely not intended for anyone looking for a romance or a monogamous happy ending, though it does have a happy ending that is right for them

Bill just met his dream date—the charming, gorgeous Camry. He would love to make Camry his, but Camry seems to want to be everyone else’s instead. Even on their first date, Camry ends up sleeping with another man while Bill is only invited along to watch.

Things only get worse from there. When Camry realizes Bill lives alone, he decides Bill’s apartment is the perfect place to host his hookups, starting with one of Bill’s co-workers. Soon Camry is sleeping with everyone Bill knows, except for Bill himself. He can only hope to clean up the remains.

The more Camry cheats on Bill, the more Bill loves him, until Camry pops the question. Is this Bill’s life now? Will he forever and always be nothing more than a cuck?

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