An irresistible force meets an easily moved object

Peyton has never followed through on anything in his life, which is why he needs a bootcamp like The Bars and Stars and a trainer like Tex. Tex is going to give him some gumption, but that involves giving him something else first.

Maybe he should have listened to the warnings about how The Bars and Stars enforces discipline before committing to two weeks on the ranch, but he sure can’t complain about the eye candy. Tex is a tall drink of water with strong hands made for ranch work. And for something else…

Worked is a broiling-hot M/M spanking story featuring a determined cowboy and his wishy-washy client


“I’m done.” He dropped onto the hay bale, which was conveniently bed height and had a sweet smell he would forever associate with spreading hay over a plank wood floor.

“You’ve still got three stalls to go.”

“Three?” He could maybe be talked into doing one, just to see Tex’s dimples, but three? Not a chance. “My back hurts. My arms hurt. My everything hurts.”

“Not your everything,” Tex said. A little ominously, if Peyton was being honest.

“Everything that counts, unless you want to make my ass hurt.” He wiggled his eyebrows suggestively. This hay bale wasn’t only the perfect height for sleeping on. It was the perfect height for bending over.

“That’s exactly what I’m fixing to do if you don’t get on with those other three stalls.”


Well, count Peyton lucky. If his choice was between mucking stalls and having Tex’s cock in his ass, there wasn’t even a contest. Was sex what The Bars and Stars doled out for punishment? They understood about their clientele being gay, right?

“Let me make that easier on you, cowboy.” His joints cracked and his muscles screamed as he clambered to his feet, but the pain of getting vertical again would be worth it. “I hope you’ve got everything we need to keep this safe,” he said as he presented Tex with his backside and reached for his fly.

“This ain’t my first rodeo.”

“Good to hear I’m in capable hands.” He dropped his drawers and leaned over to brace himself on the hay bale, pressing his ass back invitingly. His ass could probably use a shower, but the sweat was Tex’s fault, so he could deal with it. “Lay it on me, babe.”

He wiggled his rump, eager to feel Tex’s hand on it. And then he did.