Now Available: Not My Kid

Cover for Not My Kid by T. M. Chris shows a young man standing under a stream lamp with his arms folded across his chest

Not My Kid is now available on Smashwords for $2.99. This is probably the last of the Incest Anonymous books, and you may recognize one of the main characters from some earlier appearances he made at meetings.

Jagger used to call him Dad, but Kirk knows better now. It’s been eight years since Kirk has seen his stepson, eight years during which the boy has grown up to be both handsome and a troublemaker. When his most recent tangle with the law lands him back in Kirk’s lap, Kirk is determined to be sterner this time. A man has to do what a man has to do.

Jagger used to call him Dad, but Kirk doesn’t allow that anymore. All Jagger wants is someone to care for him. Not just a father figure but a father. The spankings Kirk gives him speak of concern. The sex speaks of lust. But where does love come into it?
Jagger used to call him Dad, because that’s what they thought Kirk was to him. So what is he now? Is he only a boy to Kirk’s Daddy, an ex-stepson to his ex-stepfather, or could they have been right all those years ago, back when Jagger used to call him Dad?

Content warning for unexpected incest and dubious BDSM practices