Now available: Baby of the Family

Cover for Baby of the Family by T. M. Chris shows two similar looking men in white t-shirts in a brotherly embrace

Baby of the Family, book 3 in the Incest Anonymous series, is now available at Smashwords for $2.99.

When Clark’s parents died, leaving him in charge of his younger siblings, he did his best to raise them. Now his sisters are out of the house and it’s just him and the baby of the family, Bobby. He’s always thought of Bobby as a cross between a nuisance and a responsibility, but ever since Bobby came out, he’s had more troubling thoughts. He wants to do dirty things with his little brother, and he wants to do them in the filthiest, most debasing way possible.

Bobby knows he’s attracted to men in general. He’s just never been attracted to any man in particular. Then a friend points him to triplecest porn and he realizes there’s only one man in the world for him—his big brother.

Content warning: contains consensual adult incest

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