I can see the headline now: Locked Boys Transcend Tumblr. My article on Chip and Billy—two twinks locked in the name of love—is going to take this niche kink mainstream.

When Marshall arrives to interview The Chastity Brothers, he has much to learn from them about frustration and denial, about service and devotion, about what kind of men get to play the role of alpha male and what kind of men allow the very essence of their manhood to be controlled, ignored, locked up, and denied.

The interview starts Marshall on an exciting and erotic adventure into the world of locked boys and their alpha male partners as he escorts Chip and Billy to a gang bang, meets Niblet and some of the members of the motorcycle club who keep him, visits the estate where Spike spends his nights in a crate, and learns an important lesson of love from an older alpha male who’ll never forget the boy who got away.
And somewhere along his journey, he might just find a locked boy of his own.

Content advisory: This is a non-romantic, highly kinky story that includes sharing, gangbangs, extreme orgasm denial, and light humiliation


The men looked around at each other, waiting to see who’d go first, until a guy with a shaved head and a good-sized cock stepped up to Chip’s sling. He slid his dick in without any prep. I knew the boys had dabbed a bit of lube into their holes before leaving the house, but the casual way this guy just didn’t give a fuck made my dick throb.

“I don’t mind getting some ass before it’s all stretched out,” another guy said, going to claim Billy.

“Not me,” said a big guy with a cock like a baseball bat. His cock had a tattoo on it in swirls of black and green, but I couldn’t make out of what exactly. “I love a sloppy ass. You-all go ahead.”

“That’s the club president,” a tall guy standing near me with his dick in his hand said. “Name’s Lyle. Got a fucking dragon on his cock. Wait’ll you see it all the way hard.”

“That’s not all the way hard?” Fuck.

“Nope. Why do you think we elected him president?”


Lyle went up to the head of the sling and shoved his still-growing dick down Billy’s throat. Nico moved around to capture it, his shutter clicking non-stop.

“You don’t gotta blur his tattoo, by the way,” the guy next to me said. “Lyle lives an open life. Fuck, he’ll  probably hang a copy on the club wall.”

“So tell me about the club,” I said, trying to divide my visual attention between the two slings. Looked like Chip’s first customer had already dumped a load, but there was a good line waiting so I knew he wouldn’t go empty for long. “I hear you have a locked boy there.”

“Niblet? Fuck yeah. That boy’s the best. I ain’t had these two yet, but no way they’re better than Niblet.”

“Niblet, huh?”

“Well, yeah. We call him that ’cause of his little nub. Not hardly bigger than a kernel of corn, I swear. He’s got some other name, I reckon, but no one knows what it is, prolly not even him anymore, he’s been locked so long.”

“How long?”

“Shit, I don’t even know. Let’s see. We had him at the club for what? Two years now? But before that he was with Jim and Kevin for a good long while. They’re brothers, see, and they shared an apartment and shared Niblet too. Nothing weird between the two of them, just the convenience of having a locked boy handy. Trouble was, Jim went and fell in love.”

“With a locked boy?”

“No, Jim got himself a man. They’re real loving with each other. They still use Niblet down at the club when they’re in the mood to get rough, but they didn’t want him under their feet all the time, and Kev couldn’t handle Niblet on his own. That boy needs to be fucked every minute. So Kev dropped him off at the club. Been there ever since.”

“And you never unlock him?”

“Nah. You should hear him beg for it though. It’s hysterical. See, we keep his key hanging from this ceiling fan. I’m tall enough I can reach right up and grab it, so sometimes I’ll stand under the fan and fuck his mouth and tell him if he gets me off I’ll take down the key and let him have a good jerk. Oh my God, it’s so fucking funny when I just walk away after. It’s like Charlie Brown and the football, you know? He never learns.”

The dude spent a few minutes guffawing over it. He was a real sadistic prick, I could tell. I liked him.

“I mean, he’d suck me whenever,” the guy said when he’d gotten over himself. “That’s what he’s there for. But I love how hopeful he gets and then that crushed look with him all straining in his cage? So fucking hot. Sometimes I’m ready to go again, right then, just from seeing it.” The guy sighed. “Yeah, we love Niblet.”

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This is a well-written, thoughtful exploration of a pretty extreme power exchange relationship. It was great how the main character grew to become more caring of his partner (in a way that matched their kink) even though that clearly wasn't his strong suit. That is the cherry on top of a very very hot piece of erotica - yum!

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T.M.’s storytelling is so strong that I was in the room while Billy and Chip proudly discussed chastity, cages, milking, and the size of their nubs. As Billy explains, during the, uh, alleviating scene, my comments were (in order):

Uh, ok.
Holy cow.
Holy S-

As you can see, I was put through my paces as a reader and a kinkster with an open mind.

on Amazon:

This was something else but in a very, very good way. I had so much fun reading this. It is very entertaining and informative. Sexy and steamy, but not your average, cookie-cutter kinky book. Yes, even in the world of kinkiness this one stood out for me. I have read many books set in the BDSM scene, and I have heard of caged boys but locked boys? No. That was new for me.