A Heart for Him

Nor was born to be an alpha—to have a mate and pups of his own—but for now he's content to help his parents raise their brood. He’s always been especially fond of his youngest brother, Toby, who’s due to have his first heat any day now.

When Toby’s time comes, Nor and Toby are alone and isolated. With no one else around to help Toby through his heat, what’s a big brother to do?

One night leads to another, and before long Toby and Nor are dealing with the consequences of their illicit actions. Nor can’t let Toby go, but how can the two of them—well, the three of them—make any kind of life together?

Content warning: contains adult incest and MPREG


Fangs and claws were great for taking down prey, but for skinning and butchering, human hands worked better. In Nor’s twenty-five years on earth, he’d butchered maybe two hundred and fifty deer, so he made quick work of this one. It was a beaut, though. His stomach growled just looking at it, but a good alpha didn’t eat until his pack had fed, and Mama and Papa had raised him to be a good alpha. Someday he’d have a mate, pups, maybe a whole pack, and he wanted to be worthy of them.

For now, he rolled the meat in oilskin and loaded it into his backpack. The buck was so big, there was more meat than he could fit in his own bag, so he put the excess in a smaller one for Toby to carry, then whistled for him.


Toby was off somewhere—cavorting around with no sense of time, as usual. No one would ever guess he was eighteen now, not once he was deep in the woods with everything to sniff and taste and jump over and crawl under. Even for an omega, Toby was on the flighty side.

If Mama and Papa knew he was off playing while Nor caught and dressed the deer, they’d give him another one of those lectures that made him look sad, so Nor wasn’t going to tell. He didn’t want Toby to change. He loved Toby just the way he was, every bit of him. He was the youngest of Nor’s siblings and the most precious.

Nor knew he shouldn’t have a favorite, but he did. Toby was just … Toby. And he ought to be having fun. If Nor were his alpha, he’d spoil him so hard, never make him do a thing. Not hunt, not cook, just serve him delicacies and watch him eat like he was in one of those moving picture things humans found so fascinating.

Toby. That was what Nor found fascinating.

He couldn’t be Toby’s alpha, of course.