Now available: Hazed by T. M. Chris

Cover for Hazed by T. M. Chris shows a young man with his shirt unbuttoned, looking concerned. Behind him stand three other young men also dressed in shirts and ties

Hazed is now available from Amazon. $3.99 to buy or borrow and read with Kindle Unlimited

Thornton thought being banished to an all-boys finishing school in England was the worst thing that could happen to him. Until he got there. Turns out the entire school is heavily involved in corporal punishment, and the boy he likes best, Puck, is the most involved of all.

Thornton will be hazed but not conquered as he fights teachers, classmates, and the head of the school itself. Can he end the rampant abuse of power while making sure Puck still gets what he needs?

Author’s Note: all characters are at least 18 years of age. Includes some instances of dubious consent and non-exclusive activities. Happy monogamous ending guaranteed!